In this three-part talk, we will first analyze the fundamentals of common security protocols such as Oauth1.0/2.0, Three-legged and Pin-based Auth. Next, we will review the security models of Facebook, Twitter, and Google APIs in the light of the aforementioned protocols. Finally, we will apply our learnings to construct a comprehensive security model using a dedicated trust server, handshaking token, hierarchical security matrix, and dynamic secret sharing.


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PNaval at 21:45 on 18 Oct 2018

Lots of information to digest but concept is easy to follow from the talk. I like how real-life insight was integrated as well but sometimes Amrita’s voice would trail off at the end and hard to catch the comment or answer.

Aditya D at 13:04 on 19 Oct 2018

great talk, can we have the slides of this presentation ?