With the extensive amount of testing performed on large scale software projects, build, test and verification teams often experience lengthy wait times for test results, delaying the entire fault identification and resolution process. How can large-scale test teams take advantage of containerization and Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides users with the capability to quickly and easily spin up numerous Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) on demand, allowing them to be provisioned for hardware specs using one of many instance types available in AWS. This provides users the ability to spin up a plethora of AMIs for specific purposes. To ensure repeatable, reliable and stable results, the Docker framework is used to create “canned” operating systems that contain all the required dependencies within these AMIs.

The Docker images are run on AMIs and provide a renewed clean environment every time.

Using this combination of technologies, users can create powerful frameworks that complete complex tasks in a timely and reliable matter. Furthermore, the use of Docker enables developers and testers to quickly replicate build and test failures in the exact environment they occurred in without taking resources away from automation frameworks and without interfering with any currently running frameworks.

Come to this track to find out the secret sauce and recipes on how to make this all happen.


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Shelley Evans at 19:24 on 21 Oct 2018

Scott and Andrei gave an informative and entertaining talk that really opened my eyes to using Docker to maintain integrity between environments, which is particularly beneficial for testing. They really worked great together in the presentation and both are very knowledgeable on the topic. I felt it was a great benefit having them work to present as a team. In addition to information on Docker, their tips and tricks for AWS were invaluable and I feel like this was a great introductory class for someone just getting into containers. Also, I really appreciate your making the slides available! Thank you!