Instead of letting her experiences with bullying, harassment and discrimination tear her down, Janice Levenhagen-Seeley focused on creating ChickTech – a community empowering women to pull each other up.

Using examples from her own life and drawing on anecdotes from the open source community at large, Janice shares how you can create powerful change in your community and beyond. By implementing these ideas and pulling each other up, we can create sustainable, inclusive, and successful open source communities together.


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Brian Johnson at 15:35 on 17 Oct 2018

I get nervous talking to a small room of developers about PHPUnit. I can't imagine what it takes to give a talk like this one. Thanks for sharing. Also, no need to feel silly for coming to an incorrect conclusion based on incomplete information.

PNaval at 17:27 on 17 Oct 2018

Great contribution to the human part of what makes a community!