A templating system for web designers


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Overall interesting topic.
An example of how it's implemented would have been a good addition.
Now it looked like everything would be happening automagically (which may be the case when using symfony framework)

Anonymous at 11:35 on 20 Nov 2013

I liked. All basics and more advanced examples was presented. Short, clean, valuable presentation.

Intresting topic but data initialization part of Twig was not covered. So it is not simple to start with

No excuse for not using it !

Besides I already know Twig, I learned a lot with Fabien talk. The presentation was very informative and well driven. Thanks!

Maybe this should have been titled to mention it was purely about Twig?

I thought it would be about concepts and best practises for a modern template system with Twig presented as one implementation. Not just Twig from start to finish.

Was fairly interesting nonetheless although not as relevant to me as I had hoped.

It was interesting. As I got from syntax, Twig is very close to Django template engine (and probably inspired by it).

Great presentation covering all the main topics of why and how you should be using Twig.