Beyond PHP: it is not (just) about the code!


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Great Talk, interesting topic, good examples.
Both the obvious as things I didn't yet think of.

Thanks !

Learned alot of this 1. It is great that you used real life use cases. Was very interesting.

A really good topics on what to avoid as a programmer using external resources.

Great talk and choice of examples. Having already dealt with very similar problems and their solution myself, the talk probably didn't give me personally so many new ideas. But nevertheless I could relate to those problems/examples very much. :-)

Nice with examples from real cases. A good balance to other talks which are more theoretical.

Good talker, good english and good to make it sound interesting.

Nice talk overall. Was expecting something different.

Great talk - interesting examples. +1

Extremely useful talk, showing developers it's not enough to just code - it helps to keep an eye on what's happening outside of that.