Building Scalable PHP Applications Using Google’s App Engine


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Most of the presentation was about running asynchronous tasks, which was well explained, but the rest seemed to me a bit chaotic. I didn't get clearly why the Google App Engine is so awesome. Yes, it scales, but so do most of the clouds out there :).

I got a good overview of Google App Engine. Always a bit harder to present a productu which is very new and have not gone so for on the roadmap.

Anonymous at 10:27 on 20 Nov 2013

Less adequate speaker interesting well explained topic

Very interesting talk. Especially on how Google Apps engine differs on other hosting/cloud solutions.

Would love to see a bit less about TaskQueue and more about CloudSQL and more. But still a great talk, extremely well prepared.

Good overview. One suggestion, during talk try to use less 'emmm', 'ummm'. It can be hard to get rid of such thing, but not impossible. ;)

Interesting talk, I also liked that it mostly focused on one aspect (task queues) which was explained in quite some depth - instead of just giving a broad (but shallow) overview about everything.
Apart from that, as Endijs already said: The "emmm"s were quite a bit too frequent for my taste as well, something that could be improved.

Good topic, but a bit chaotic and not very well delivered. A bit too much about task queue and not pure scalability.

The information on Task Queues was in-depth, however I think some more information about what App Engine offers as a whole and why you would choose it over other Cloud solutions would've been helpful.