Documenting code for dummies


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Nice examples of how to comment but they couldn't convince me why to comment so much.

I still think that really good code does not need so much commenting.
For example the date variable for which you added comments on few places it was certain string, you could put let's say at the begining of the class definition of a variable or constants named supportedDateFormats and define all supported formats so there will no need at all to explain everywhere that the format is yyyy-mm-dd, when you open the class you will see this which is more noticable and remembering.

Clear, informative and interesting. I understand the examples were a little exaggerated like naming a DateTime parameter as $value and then documenting the type. I'm also feeling it a little pointless to document absolutely every variable when they're named $startDateTime and $endDateTime with typehinting also.

Interesting and informative, very clear pronounciation and well-structured information.

The talk was very well conducted and informative.

The talk was very well conducted and informative.

Introductory talk to documenting. Good.

Very informative. Congrats!