Introduction to design patterns in PHP


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Good summary of the main PHP design patterns.

It would be good if there was some kind of visualization of the patterns instead just code as it is easier to understand and remember things when you picture them.

the slides where not consistent with the name syntax for interfaces.
Sometimes suffix was Interface, sometimes not. better to choose one style. As I see, Uncle Bob recommends to not use suffix on Interfaces and use suffixes on the implementing classes instead.

Great summary of some of the patterns.
Very useful applying the same application examples to different patterns, giving a good example of when and where to apply.

Anonymous at 11:41 on 20 Nov 2013

I would say too much information for this time. Examples wasn't too simple to get it fast + amount of info = don't remember anything the day after.

This session cleared up some things for me. But it was a lot of information in very little time.

Thank you all for your feedbacks. The slides are online and you can have a look at them. The few typos found during the presentation have been fixed.

I confirm there are a lot of information and that we should probably remove a pattern or reduce some examples to make it fit less than a full hour. This is the second time we give this presentation and your feedbacks will help us to make it better.

That was a great introduction presentation. However, the Facade design pattern was missing...

Nice one, the examples where very well selected and it was great to have other use case each time.

I love it, and great to see how the used all design patterns to solve problems in the same context (their webshop).

The only thing I think could have been better, The speakers knew what they where taking about, but a few times very hard to understand there english :-(

Good session, good examples and practical cases, but too basic patterns. Not really advanced.

Anonymous at 10:18 on 21 Nov 2013

Thanks for having the slides put up. This helps to review the session so that I hopefully will remember the input that you gave. For the talk there was much information in little time. Good that the patterns were actually used in a real world example (the webshop).

Nice overview; as others said maybe a little bit too much info crammed into one hour. Thanks for the slides.

Very nice explanation of most commonly used patterns, I only wish there was something more than just few most popular patterns that most of the people already use.

Good talk with good examples.
One hour seems to be too short for so much information. The slides help to recap the heard and seen.

Is always nice to review this topic. Hugo and Julien did a great presentation and well-structured. IMO Julien should had a clicker to not ask Hugo to change slides.

too much info for one hour, good selections but may be next time pick less and talk about less number of patterns.