MongoDB introduction


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Anonymous at 13:29 on 20 Nov 2013

Anonymous at 15:46 on 20 Nov 2013

I was a bit ashamed of having not using MongoDB yet but now fell like a pro. What a great orator, thank you for repeating the questions from the audience !

Great overview of MongoDB. Good examples to illustrate how MongoDB is different than MySQL. Sadly 1h is not enough to dive deeper into subject for things like aggregation etc. And I think I missed geospatial indexes and GridFS... or they were not covered? :)

Anonymous at 11:04 on 21 Nov 2013

Great talk, made it seem simple to use, might go for a mongoDB POC soon :) Could you please post your slides on ?

Good presentation. Clear and intresting.
Some exemples of real products based on MondoDB would make the presentation perfect.

Nice presentation and a great presenting style. Lots of helpful information and examples for getting started with MongoDB.

Nice presentation clean and interesting :)

good introduction