Moving to the Cloud & Services: The Microsoft Case


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Anonymous at 10:25 on 20 Nov 2013

To long to unorganized

"it didn't work"
Maybe F5 would have helped.

Felt really unorganized and went 20 minutes overtime.

The Microsoft cloud services for developers look very nice, but the live demo was a bit chaotic and some thins didn't work.

Anonymous at 14:50 on 20 Nov 2013

Have to admit when I got out of the auditorium realised, I have no idea what was it about.

Some interesting points on team and processes organization. Very nice Microsoft Azure UI. But was the failing live demo necessary ?

Demo was really borning.
Another speaker with key information was more intresting.

4 for principal speaker
2 for demo speaker

=> 3 in average

This talk should have focused on the transistion of their working habits from an old school long release cycle to a more agile aproach.
The transistion steps and the organization of the internal workflows was kind of interesting.

I did'nt like the sales at all. No offense, but this part of the talk was really bad. Not alone that it was confusing for the audience to looking someone switch through a bunch of browser tabs, clicking dozens of buttons. At the end the stuff did'nt work.

Also, when I have prepared a fallback for my live demo why do a live demo at all? If I assume that I can't get it working live than just don't do it.

The next negative thing was that this talk was way too long.

In summary: It was unorganized, kind of bad prepared and not a good presentaion.

Kudos to Microsoft for at least trying to appeal PHP devs on their platform (that seems nice btw). But the presentation was boring to say the least, really difficult to follow and trying to sell the product and at the same time trying to evangelize concepts already deployed on almost every startup in the planet. I really think your platform is interesting (and I'm an Apple user...) But you should know better that this is not the way to push it

Windows Azure looks nice - from the brief looks we had of it - but I wasn't sure what this presentation was trying to achieve.

There was a blur between development + lifecycle best practices and demonstrating Azure. As others have said, if the live demo had any chance of failing or going wrong - don't do it! It was cringe-worthy watching them trying to recover and get back on track.

Unfortunately the number of people getting up and leaving before the end summed up this keynote.

I liked the presentation on the the transition (The testing in production part for example) Did not care for the live demo part. Also it went way over time.