Opening Keynote – Andi Gutmans


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Great starter of the day. Nice overview of zend server and apigility

Great intro. Nice tools presentation too. Will be checking out the continuous delivery blueprint and apigility for sure.

Great opening with nice tool presentation

Just great

Liked the keynote very much. The Apigility presentation made me go to the followup in-depth session about it.

Anonymous at 16:20 on 21 Nov 2013

Would it be possible to provide slides for this presentation? Anyway, great talk!

I good keynote. I was particularly interested in the Apigility demo and look forward to trying it out.

Good start for a great conference. Will checkout all the tools proposed.

Very good talk.

Good keynote! I would like to have the slides.

Good keynote. The keys are well described and delivered. I would love to have the slides.