Refactoring 101


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Anonymous at 12:25 on 20 Nov 2013

Great presentation! Thank you!

Great and clear talk.
Covers what can be expected of the subject.

Anonymous at 13:03 on 20 Nov 2013

Nice talk, although i felt that the fifth time you explained why we should test was three times too many... :)

Great talk. Though, the "thank you" might have come after the questions, because people started leaving :).

Great session, thank you.

There is one small problem - you HAVE changed your functionality.

The public interface was changed.
You have introduced some new public functions, and it means new features for your classes.

That means some new test cases, usage scenarios and so on...

May be it does not matter for this application, but I think it should be noted...

Anyway 5x Thumbs Up.

Anonymous at 14:25 on 20 Nov 2013

Anonymous at 14:44 on 20 Nov 2013

Great talk. The only one suggestion would be to not pick up book example, most of people have read it already. Would be better to see more real live examples. Anyway, giving 5 stars. Worth it.

Great talk ! Very exhaustive presentation on this topic.

Great talk!
I would have preferred seeing more "real life" examples and some best practices from your everyday work, and not a rewrite of the examples from a book.

Nice overview, gave my plenty of things to think about.
Maybe one minor nitpick: Hammering the "Test it!" point home was great and everything, but at some point it maybe got a little bit too repetitive for my taste.

Another great session by Adam Culp. The only thing I am still missing is how to refactor when code is not unit tests covered at all, hopefully I will hear about it on the next conference

Good talk.
Nailed everything pretty well.

I personally feel that the (automatic) 'Test' stuff can't be stressed enough.

What I would like to see in the examples would be some test examples. That would maybe make it clearer that refactoring can't be done - mindless, safely - without the safety net of automated tests.
I think that's why people don't refactor enough.

Great talk, nice flow. Makes me want to read the book now ;-)

Adam did a great presentation, was nice to review this topic and to learn new "symptoms" and tips.

Very good talk.

I was in Adams tutorial on Monday so the first 25-30 minutes were largely repeated from then but it was worth it for the second half.

Nice to see some actual samples, which other speakers seemed to be shying away from.

Very good talk. I recognize some from reading Clean Code.
pedagogical, good rhetorics.
I liked they way testing after change was stressed.

I would prefer to see PHP examples written in PSR, but that is of
course a matter of opinion.

I was great!

Great presentation, the examples were a bit artificial, real life cases tend to be slightly more complicated, but worked well as an introduction to refactoring.

Well presented, I missed the test code. When I am refactoring I find myself continuously rewriting the tests (organization, tests for extracted methods) as well as the code itself.

Anonymous at 03:25 on 25 Nov 2013

Great. Free and clear speech and very good to understand with the given examples.