Security : Dealing with other’s nightmares


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Anonymous at 14:00 on 20 Nov 2013

It is an informative presentation, I like the idea of having an antivirus on your web server. Please share your slides after the presentation. Thanks

Good presentation, has the room to be "expanded" still.
Speakers shows great knowledge of the subject.

Thanks !

Will we be able to get the slides?

Anonymous at 14:40 on 20 Nov 2013

Very interesting presentation by someone who clearly knows what he's talking about. Especially the fact that a lot of the suggestions given are easy to implement and don't require major overhauling of your hosting environment.

Anonymous at 14:46 on 20 Nov 2013

Excellent talk. The speaker knows his subject very well, and keeps our attention all the time. That's great to hear someone talking fast, without useless words. Very dense :) like it.

Very good session, but lakes of some practical cases or more details on some topics (ok it was too short, but...).

Informative and interesting. Could easily be expanded to a day-long workshop!

Great, intresting and understandable.
To add:
conclusions with some examples of implimitations in real projects

Anonymous at 09:44 on 22 Nov 2013

First-hand information from someone who knows what he is talking about. I liked the way it was presented, no waste blah-blah. Excellent session.

Well presented and an interesting subject.

Anonymous at 18:14 on 27 Nov 2013

Superb talk.