The Future of PHP in Enterprise Environments


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Anonymous at 11:37 on 20 Nov 2013

Rather weak. Conversation was in general about "how great we are". No interesting information.

Very disappointing, rather weak, no disagreements at all (which was a little disappointing). It came across more as mutual back slapping than an actual keynote.

I liked the interactivity of this session, and I disagree with earlier statements. There was indeed not really any disagreement, but that is quite possibly because both Zend and Sensio have a similar vision on the state of PHP. Definitely a good session, my favorite of ZendCon actually.

The thing I most liked about this keynote was the fact to see a bit what Zeev, Fabien and Andi think and what is their vision about the future of the web.

Good insight on the vision of the speakers.

The discussions were good but not sure if it covered the intended topic of the future of PHP in Enterprise Environments, especially when PHP was referred to as the "Visual Basic of the web"... ;)

boring, all comments are well known and the future in API and continuos delivery... it's already now.