Vagrant, puppet & chef for beginners


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Great talk, very good as an overview of what you're able to do with vagrant/chef/puppet.
However, as a "for beginner" guide, the talk went a bit fast in the beginning.
To understand the idea, a scheme would be a helpful slide. (understanding of VMs and where vagrant comes in)

maybe some hands-on examples would shed more light too (actually see it in action)

Anonymous at 11:26 on 19 Nov 2013

As beginner I am still not sure what it is.
You talked a lot about configuration, but I am stille not clear where to use it.

Very good presentation as itself.
But as somebody wanted to get an overview as beginner I still don't know where and how I could use it productively.

Great talk! Very good presentation!
it would have been nice though to have some more information about maintenaing packaged boxes and testing recipes (using frameworks like testkitchen for chef).

Vert impressed with this talk. I had been using "vagrant up" but didn't know about the way it worked. Great intro to chef as well.

It was too technical and for complete beginers like me was very hard to understand the usage and impossible to remember the configurations.

Anonymous at 10:40 on 20 Nov 2013

An excellent talk and a proper introduction to vagrant. As some others have said, it was quite fast. As for puppet and chef, you provided some solid examples on how to integrate it, but I would have liked some more introduction to the tools themselves.

Great introduction that covered a lot in a short time.

One more great speach of Thijs!
Agree with Nick: one more slide about how to install vagrant and what is VirtualBox could be added for best understanding of topic

A little bit speedy, but interesting introduction.
Et votre accent belge est parfait :)

Anonymous at 10:10 on 21 Nov 2013

It was a good introduction and I get somehow the idea what it's for. Also thank you for pointing out the difference between Chef and Puppet (not only in technical terms but also as for history and community size). This is some point to consider and estimate somehow if this is a technology that will be still used in the future and there is support for.
I also missed the point actually see what happens, when you actually have a vagrant file and how get startet bringing it up and how VM/VirtualBox come into play (brief slide and short explanation is fine).

I loved this talk! As usual the tempo is very fast though :-) And I kind of missed a lot of the big picture of setting this up. Perhaps I lost it due to the speed of it all, I dunno .-)

A good talk. I've had Vagrant installed and running today and started getting some Puppet config together for it.

A very inspiring speaker.

Having used manual VMs in the past, this talk provided some really useful information on automating the process and ensuring consistent environments. It was a speedy presentation, but there was a lot of good information to pack in to a short time.