Test Driven Development in PHP


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Excellent introduction.

well-executed presentation covering a potentially dry topic in an exciting and engaging way. This almost felt like a workshop where we actively worked through a problem together.

Really good, man. Clear, funny, and very helpful. You da Man!

Very good stuff, needs to be screencasted!

I am that guy on the team that hates writing tests. I understand the importance and need, and was really hoping that TDD would give me the oomph to kick my ass into gear. This UnCon gave me that "ah-ha!" moment I needed to really embrace TDD and test writing in general. Thanks Jeremy! It worked for you so you shared it with us. That made it work for me too, so you've succeeded in spreading the message to at least one more person.

Awesome intro to TDD, Excited to give it a try!

The live coding just proves why TDD is worthwhile. Great talk!

This talk was excellent. Great work!

great stuff