ZgPHP #105 will be held online.

Thursday 28th May 2020

Queues, busses and the Messenger Component
Talk by Tobias Nyholm (35 minutes)

Message queues are the perfect way to decentralize your application. You may use them for communication, scheduling and decentralization of your application. With help from a message queue you may decouple your application from the framework and the infrastructure. Which means that your app is written in pure PHP and not Symfony/Laravel/Yii etc. With some smart configuration on your message bus you may put the message queue outside of your application and you may leverage from a decentralized and asynchronous system. This talk will quickly go throw the basics of queues, hexagonal design and show proof of concept with Symfony’s Messenger component.

19:00 Acceptance criteria 101
Talk by Vedran Krizek (35 minutes)

Writing acceptance criteria is not hard, unfortunately, writing bad acceptance criteria is even easier. Without knowing the really basic details, the outcome is often mainly due to a chance and individual talent. Since we shouldn't really rely on chance, and since we not all super-talented, the alternative to "just wing it" is to understand what acceptance criteria really are and that they are extremely simple things when all the layers of fancy terms and philosophy are removed. The talk is based upon the blog post I've written a few weeks ago which can be read here: https://blog.trikoder.net/acceptance-criteria-demystified-48a817c2f9ca