How and why does a 32 year old man decide to suddenly switch a profession, and dive completely into the IT sector, and how does IT relate to philosophy.


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Miro Svrtan at 12:50 on 15 Dec 2017

I tought this talk would be more about how speaker switched to development, what were the biggest obstacles, some tips/tricks to help others, but it became a very philosophical view of philosophy and development. Which was really interesting and unexpected twist, probably I didnt give enough relevance about the "I'm coming from philosophy background" so I had different expectations.

For next time, I would suggest more clear description, just to avoid the possible confusion. Speaker was good, really good English, pretty concise and clear in speaking.

About the slides, maybe it would be better to avoid so much text on one slide... either cut it into multiple slides or maybe even avoid having full paragraphs of text on the slide by just showing the keywords...

Thumbs up and 2022/12 slot is yours :)

Nino Uzelac at 14:07 on 15 Dec 2017

Loved the "it's never too late for anything" attitude from the speaker and the personal development story. Very good English.

The talk was very interesting and completely different from what we usually hear. Speaker is fluent in English and it was a pleasure listening to him. I would really like to hear more from him, maybe some technical talk once he gets more familiar with programming.

Tomo Ε ala at 16:04 on 23 Dec 2017

Although this talk actually had nothing to do with development and didn't touch on anything concrete from technology or workflow, it was very interesting to hear about how philosophy and development (in general, broad sense) have a lot in common.

I was actually expecting a talk about (or even possibly lack of) difficulties, problems, expectations and various possible differences someone coming firstly from financial world, then from purely academic, theoretical, and philosophical environment into software development, but instead learned a bit more about how philosophy and software development can go together, as well as some of the aspects of both philosophy and development I haven't thought about before.

Goran Galinec at 22:47 on 23 Jan 2018

It was interesting to hear someone switch to development at this age from a totally different domain. A few of my friends tried it and most of them failed, even though they have some basic understanding of the concepts.

I would also like to hear more things that are quite clear to us and take some time for others to grasp - like the given example of POST vs GET request.