When ever I read or talk about writing tests it seams that the biggest problem is of a financial nature. How will I write unit tests, acceptance tests, functional tests or any tests when the budget is small and deadline is tight. Or why should we care when client or boss doesn’t care? Behat tests seams to me the most easier to sell and I like to share that opinion with you.

Slides: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Tg5trF5wQ3gtTLb-7qhSCbNPbyLQkcA0/view


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It was obviously some of the first public talks for the speaker and I applaud the courage to step in front of people to deliver a talk!

The talk itself had potential, but it was not fulfilled. Partially to the presentation skills of the presenter where Anka was really quiet and hard to hear if you were in the back half of the room and where she looked a lot at the monitor so there was not so much interaction with the crowd and partially to the not-so-in-depth coverage of the actual topic's title content.

I like the idea Anka tried to send, but I don't think that it got through very effectively. I would like to hear more on how to actually sell these concepts to the management and client as opposed to how to write Behat tests and what's in them.

Either way, I don't think that Anka should stop with this, I would like to hear more about this in a revised state.