When approaching legacy code, we are often faced with a complicated application which we feel would be best to rewrite completely. However, this task can be time-consuming and with questionable outcome.

Enter Strangler Pattern!

Even though it is often combined with migration to microservices, I will also provide some more down-to-earth examples on how to use this pattern within your application.


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Slavko Beslic at 09:27 on 24 Jan 2020

Great talk; had to take a few legacy punches here and there, now I know how to try and strangle them. Thanks

It was good, the coverage of the topic was deep enough, but not too deep to lose the crowd's attention.

I would like to have a little more examples from the actual real-life situations (or at least cases that would feel really, really relevant to the crowd).

All in all, good presentation. :)

Goran Galinec at 08:15 on 19 Feb 2020

It was a good talk. I'm happy to see how others are dealing with legacy code.