In this talk, I'd like to go over ideas and practical tips that will hopefully help you to improve the overall quality of API-first development with modern PHP ecosystem.

I will share my personal opinions and experiences based on both successful and failed real-world projects and experiments, discussions with other engineers, and maintaining production systems.

I will show code examples, patterns, and other technical and non-technical tips&tricks.

I'm looking forward to comments and suggestions and constructive discussion.


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Albeit in some areas, Zoran went deeper than di Caprio in Inception,
it was a great talk with a lot of 'insider' stuff.

Personally, I was more interested in the topic of JSON:api vs GraphQL.
As Zoran explained that he had no experience in GraphQL, started researching more 'bout it.

From what I've found, and I think Zoran briefly mentioned it,
you can achieve many of the same features with JSON:api standard as you would with GraphQL,
but can continue using technologies you are most likely already familiar with.