Motivated by Brunos talk, we are organizing a panel discussion on frameworks.


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Ivan Uravic at 14:13 on 21 Apr 2017

There were excellent insights about pros and cons of various FWs, ranging from most the popular ones to even less popular.
The best part for me was hearing the panel members talk about their personal experience and personal way of using them.

Panelists were regional experts and I'm happy to hear their opinion and experience on the topic.

Clearly not all panellists were sharing completely same views and they expressed what they think. There was few great questions from the audience and I really hope this panel discussion thing will repeat on next ZgPHP meetups.

As always, the answer on question "Should I use framework?" is "it depends".

I've learned a new phrase: "It's not free as in free beer, but it's free as in free puppy" :D

Lovro at 12:17 on 22 Apr 2017

I liked how Miro ( the organizer) forward QA discussion from the previous talk to this panel.

A funny situation that 3/5 panelists were involved with Trikoder, where this meetup was held.

I couldn't recognize who the moderator was if there was any, but it didn't matter because the atmosphere was casual and communication very fluid.
Some panel members talked much more than others but everyone had something to add. The part I liked the best was Trikoder's CTO explaining why they developed their own framework and how he offered a good answer to it.

There are 2 sides of every medal and we should always have that in mind regarding this topic.

Hope that there will be more panels like this with panelists of the same caliber.

The personal anecdotes shared by the panelists were the kicker for me, as it is refreshing to hear so many differing philosophies and their respective rationales reasoned about.

Although the exact format has yet to be refined for ZgPHP - mostly with regard to the order of speaking, I found it both entertaining and educational.

Mario Krvaric at 15:14 on 29 Apr 2017

Organized panel discussion with experienced people in area of work gave different points of view. Interaction with audience gives bigger attention to talks and opinions. Should repeat this on next meetups!

Tomo Šala at 11:11 on 19 May 2017

Panelists explained what frameworks they use(d) and why, giving valuable insights into various reasons behind their decisions, both for past projects and present.

From creating their own frameworks, to using popular ones, they tried to explain that there's always just one correct answer: "it depends®©™". Just like the talk that preceded, the panel covered somewhat advanced topics, but just enough for most of the audience to be able to take part and be involved with questions.