Coping with the growth of a project and problems that it brings is and always will be challenging.
One way might be by embracing the natural progress. Not rushing into things can make it much easier
to handle change. Because once it starts, you can expect change to be the only thing constant.


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Miro Svrtan at 00:32 on 19 Jan 2018

So, this was not only Josips first talk in English but talk in general and he did it in a way that this is in my opinion a keynote material.

Great talk, flawless English, amazing subject, sharing his experiences working in a product team for years, working as a team, building things properly and knowing every mistake might hurt you, some years down the road.

Not to offend anyone, but this might have been the best talk of ZgPHP ever. I do hope Josip will submit it for conferences and share his knowledge more often with us!

I'm really amazed how Josip delivered this talk!

Fluently talking about both technical and organizational aspects of "living" the project he is working on, Josip kept my attention the whole time. Still can't decide what was better, English, topic, flow, ...

As Miro said, great keynote material here!

Goran Juric at 09:53 on 20 Jan 2018

Great and inspiring talk! You should definitively present more often.

Finding out that this was your first talk ever was mind blowing.

Goran Galinec at 22:41 on 23 Jan 2018

This was a great talk, awesome delivery, everyone was hooked on it (I din't check my phone even once :)).

Amazing talk, interesting topic, and excellent presentation. I wish if there were more such presentations not only on ZG PHP but on WebCamp and similar conferences also.

Bravo, Josip!

Tomo Šala at 16:30 on 26 Jan 2018


It was only after the talk that I've heard people talk about how this was Josip's first talk delivered in English. Sure fooled me!
His diction is clear, vocabulary broad, and manner in which he talks calm and reassuring.

Josip managed to connect with his audience in a way that seemed natural and effortless, masterfully balancing between occasional joke, but delivering it in a manner that ensured him to maintain a constant and firm grasp over audience's full attention.

In regards to the content, Josip did a remarkable job in selecting and filtering out sensitive details pertaining to his company's product, but giving just enough to make the audience crave for more from one slide to the next.

Sharing his experiences of both success and failure, and what he and his team have profited from those kinds of situations transformed this talk into a very valuable lesson to everyone who strives to better their teamwork skills, better themselves as either a developer, PM, project owner, or in the end, simply as a person.

Nino Uzelac at 16:25 on 4 Feb 2018

Amazing talk!

Fun and informative