We are organising a panel discussion around technical aspects of GDPR and it's repercussions to building GDPR compliant web applications.

Like always, we're having an extra chair for members of the audience to take part in discussion.


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Zgphp meetup at 10:21 on 18 May 2018

Panelists addressed most of questions I had prior to the meetup, from cookies, IP address, DPO, to responsibilities and fines.
Through the panel, I was hoping the audience would start to ask specific and technical questions and at the end they did! Miro as moderator did the great job handling discussion. Thanks to all panelists!

4 out of 5 because I think we (audience) were too passive, extra chairs weren't used at all

Great panel, all my questions regarding GDPR were answered.

Igor Murat at 11:16 on 18 May 2018

A great panel discussion!! Most of my questions were answered to my satisfaction, and Stjepan is a valuable contact to have regarding GDPR. Even more so, I believe the panelist successfully described the logic behind the regulation, making it easier to figure out the concrete applications in individual cases in the future.

Detailed discussion!
At some moments more detailed than it should've been, but... From perspective of informing oneself, those guys covered most questions we all had in our head prior to this panel.

Thanks for enlightenment, and as they said, just follow best practices and everything is A O-K!

Until then, top hit for the next week:


Ivan Hušnjak at 14:21 on 18 May 2018

Topic was excellent, so many questions got touched. Unfortunately due to chaos in law making and enforcement, many questions have remained opened. This is not fault of panelists, they did their best to interpret regulation for local implementation.
Moderator did good job in controlling the flow of discussion, so most of questions were raised and were hepefully satisfactory to the audience

Nino Uzelac at 23:53 on 6 Jun 2018

Excellent panelists, would listen again. A+++