Have you ever discussed authentication and authorization? Ever exchanged googled about "access token", "grant type" or "scope"?
If you have used Oauth2 but never dug into it or plan to use Oauth2 this is a talk to visit.
We will cover what makes Oauth2 and how it works by looking into details of it and discuss some thoughts about it.
This will be a bit different talk concept that will aim to provide workshop-like atmosphere and include the participants in being engaged in the topic.


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Tomo Ε ala at 23:21 on 25 Oct 2018

Interesting topic with an interesting concept of delivery. Alan had a few volunteers from the audience help him explain how Oauth2 works, by exchanging paper cards with various credential data and tokens between themselves.

Although a very interesting concept that has some potential, there were too many factors that derailed the flow at times - participants seemed confused at times and all started talking, commenting and asking questions at the same time, while Alen tried to explain everything. I'm sure with some practice on his part, Alen can eliminate the chaotic parts and turn this into a very interesting live demo.