It's the most frowned upon word in web development. For a long time the narrative has been that CMS's are bad, not working, hard and/or limited. If you can use them, they're trash and won't produce results and if they are capable, they're impossible to master for non-hardcores. It's time to change that and change the word CMS altogether in to what it should have meant since the start. A Content Management System, DominoCMS is something completely different and purposely breaks the rules of conventional CMS thinking. It's completely dynamic, lightweight, limitless, lightning fast, frameworkless, sustainable and can be used by total beginners without coding or the hardcore most developers to custom code and develop any kind of website, web application, IT solution or just a pure content management solution. DominoCMS is set to become the Minecraft for adults, your personal sandbox, editor of life and moneymaking machine.


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Goran Juric at 09:23 on 27 Sep 2018

Interesting talk, congratulations for open sourcing your work. I think the talk would be more interesting for the developer population if you would shorten the presentation part and focus on the technical problems and creative solutions you came up to tackle those problems.

Tomo Šala at 23:23 on 25 Oct 2018

Domagoj gave a very interesting presentation which sparked a lot of discussion and comments afterwards. There was a lot of material to cover, so 30 minutes didn't seem like enough time.

I was hoping for a more technical talk - I'd suggest reorganizing the content and focusing more on the use cases with live demo examples, perhaps showing the code base and explaining the building blocks and principles behind the project.