From the early days of Netgen existence, we have been building solutions based on eZ CMS, finding it a supreme base for complex content-driven projects.

Over 15 years of working with eZ, we have – like many other companies – developed a toolbox of smaller and bigger components that we use for most of our projects. The root idea was to build a foundation from which new projects can derive, having all repetitive tasks already preconfigured and set. A lot of these components were open sourced in the process. Now we want to go a step further and offer the whole Netgen eZ stack as an easy-to-use open source skeleton for your next great eZ Platform site!


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Miro Svrtan at 09:43 on 19 Oct 2018

For a developer meetup, this talk sounded too 'sales'-y IMO. I appreciate Netgen efforts to open source their work and would love to see this is a developer friendly manor, instead of talking and just browsing around the features: in demo install it, build a CMS for ZgPHP meetup (just an idea of a theme for the CMS), add some pages, put some articles in to show it off ... Even more dev friendly, show us the code & stuff, not sure how much time that would take though..

Points of improvement:
- try to avoid walls of text ... it's hard to both listen to you and read all of the text .. I would rather suggest having 30 slides with 1 thing on it then 5 slides with 6 sentences each
- switch from presentation tool to browser directly
- pick more dev friendly way: either do a show-off and show us how to build something quickly (since it's meant to build small sites as well) or pick 'tech' part and show us the code, talk about some challenges you had ...
- when we came to questions, please, do not use derogatory language when speaking about competing solution. I know I'm guilty of picking on others as well in the past, I'm trying to make myself better on it as well so I know it's not easy. When you speak in derogatory terms, it says bad things about you much more than about them and your attendees might feel alienated which means you just lost interest of them

English was good, speaker was clear and understandable. I know Mario can do this better and meetups are a great place to improve communication skills and I hope he will take this feedback constructively and improve on how to build topic part of the talk.

It was an OK talk, but I missed the tech side of the story - a look under the hood. It would be more interesting to me if you showed architectural approaches you used, issues you've bumped into and how did you resolve them

I know I can take a look on GitHub, but I suggest you to try and find 10min in the talk for that tech stuff - after all, it's dev audience

Speaker was prepared, and had the presentation under control. I believe this to be a tool that is competing in the CMS space, and although the space is kinda big, there are a few major players, especially in php. I think that if we went into the code, it would give me a good start as to why I should use it. From looking just at the front end I cannot get a feeling is it good or not and do I want to use it.
Maybe find a better example site, the skeleton site was pale, not very impressive and didn't show interesting functionality.
Put some kind of call to action into the presentation, it seemed you are trying to make us do something, but I didnt get what action that is supposed to be
If you're hiring - put a link or an email where to apply,
Try you're product? Ok, give me basic materials and quick start info
Switch to your product? links and info on some tooling that can help me with this, maybe examples

Presenter was good, but I expected a lot more technical details for the product. I didn't like the lack of proper arguments why we should use this product instead of WordPress, only that WordPress is s**t, with what I would disagree (yes, it has an ugly core, but so does every other framework as well, but they don't have a quarter of the web running on it :) ).

I would like to see concrete benefits of this product in comparison with WordPress and plain frameworks for both developers and users and it feels like a great way to improve this talk a lot :)

Tomo Šala at 23:15 on 25 Oct 2018

IMO this was a bit to much of a 'presentation style' talk, with no tech side.
Too much text and screenshots on the slides. Would have loved to see a live demo.
A bit monotonous presentation style.

Goran Galinec at 17:38 on 7 Nov 2018

People lost interest in this presentation after a few minutes. It was not suited for a meetup like this. It would've been better to show us how they handled some technical challenges while working on the project.

The talk vas good and the presenter was well prepared. I wanted to hear more technical details. In the end, I consider their product interesting and will definitely take a look on GitHub. +1 for open source activities.