Frontend to administer a headless CMS


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I really like the idea behind Trim, but I'm not relevant as I'm a little bit more familiar with the project. The talk was a little bit more frontend oriented than for backend (PHP) devs.

It would be great to do a live demo and show how easy is to build a CMS on top of the Trim FW.

It wasn't my plan to sabotage you with a low resolution that made the demo goes in a responsive mode ?

This seems like a cool project, I am interested in how it would actually behave on top of some concrete project. The talk was a pitch of a sort and that is cool, but I would like to see it in action and I would like to get what are some actual problems that you will encounter while using it. Anyhow, great work :)

Tomo Šala at 23:00 on 25 Oct 2018

Very interesting lightning talk presenting basic idea and concepts of the FW.

Would love to hear and see a more thorough demo with real examples.

For me very interesting subject and the project behind it. I would like to hear more about it in the feature.