Symfony DIC supports tags which are a powerful feature when used with compiler passes. In this talk, my idea is to compare manual container configuration with tagged configuration. Next I'll show some ways to make tagged configuration (perhaps) easier to handle.

For those who want more info, I'll explore parts with word __dynamic__ in the subtitle from the repository.


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The whole talk was packed with information, it was hard to follow

Great representation of thinking outside of the box and not strictly following doctrines (:D)

Mario Blažek at 11:02 on 15 Apr 2019

Technically brilliant, for fun and glory. Not something I would like to use on projects, we can discuss that over a beer :)

Marko Samec at 13:18 on 16 Apr 2019

It would be great if there was side by side comparison on how it is used usually and how it would be used with your package because it was really hard to follow how to use the package and why to even use it in the first place.

Nino Uzelac at 16:24 on 18 Apr 2019

Seems interesting but hard to follow if you’re not in Symfony world

Tomo Šala at 17:26 on 18 Apr 2019

Marijan gave a great and very advanced talk on Symfony DIC tags, but a bit lacking in examples and practically applicable and real-world use-cases.

Event regular Symfony developers had a hard time following what was going on - the talk was packed with low level nitty gritty details.

Some rework would be useful - to show more concrete and easier real-world examples of building custom compiler passes.
A bit too abstract for my experience level.