Docker has been proven as a capable tool in a developer's toolbox and it has become an important part in the microservices ecosystem.

I will talk about my experiences with using a Docker development environment for PHP, how to start using Docker, where it exceeds expectations and where it falls short.


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Nice intro to the Docker ecosystem. I like how Miha used videos to show the demos, defying Demo Gods who often play agains the speaker. It was clear that Miha was well-prepared and knowledgable about the topic.

I'd like to hear more about PHP-specific docker configs (custom .ini), using xdebug with Docker, deciding on building own image or use existing ones etc.

Thanks for the talk!

Goran Galinec at 15:00 on 15 May 2019

This was a great talk. It convinced me to give Docker another shot instead of using Vagrant/Homestead combo.

Everybody talks about docker. It's nice to hear some in depth info.

Mario Blažek at 17:03 on 15 May 2019

The talk was interesting and informative, the speaker was well prepared, maybe we missed some advanced use cases, but I'm sure Miha will come again to ZgPHP :)

As a total newb to Docker, I now finally understand the basic concept of Docker and how it is used.
I had a fear of using it in development instead of Vagrant, but am more and more inclined to do so.

Now only to find my balls and man-the-hell-fkin-up and be a programmer, for god sake!
Great talk!