One of the most important things in a career of a developer is learning and the way through which an individual learns.

A person can find passion in a subject that is taught if the teacher can present it well - and more important - he/she can also lose interest if the teacher does not know how to present it.

That is the reason why we should always pay attention when teaching or mentoring others.

I'll focus on the topic about teaching IT and other content, in terms of who to teach, why and especially how to teach and how to be a mentor.


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Very inspirational and useful talk! The teacher is one of the most important components of a learning journey and having a good teacher is very valuable, especially in the beginning.

Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks on how to start and become better at teaching. I like how your slides were simple and how you recap every chapter with a few bullets.

The talk was maybe a little bit too long, 1 or 2 sections less and it would be perfect for me (or maybe It just was the third talk in a row and my focus was low at the end of the meetup)

Thanks for the talk!

Mario Blažek at 16:42 on 15 May 2019

Liked the talk very much, Blaž shared some useful insights for teaching and mentoring new developers.

Great and very informative talk!