Developing the API from scratch is the most interesting thing one backend developer can imagine IMO. Maintaining and scaling that API for years to come is challenging, kind of repetitive, but still interesting!

Maintaining the API docs while doing the previous, however, seems like the most complex task for most of the teams I've met and worked with. Not because it is hard to do, but because it's easy to forget about it and do it wrong, and I'm thinking about how we could make it harder for us?

In this talk, I will show to you my approach on verifying if the API documentation is still in sync with the actual API, if your APIs are lying and making life miserable for your client-side fellow developers, how to add all these things to the CI and how to combine everything by using standards and tools you may, or may not, know about.


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Insightful talk about the topic that is standard in the industry and most developers from any backgrounds can relate to and com in contact with. Very fluid talk with a clear message and many great tips on how to bite into the JSON-API and stay on top of it. Thanks!

Generally I like the idea...

As many API's fall apart in documentation and implementation in the long run,
it is a hard topic to cover,
but Zoran did it well.