Remember the good old Flash which allowed you seamless transitions on your website? What if you could do the same with using only PHP, JSON and some javascript? And all while having a full HTML 5 functional website? In this talk you will see how to develop a fully dynamic, lightning fast and extremely light web app which doesn't need a page refresh to make things done.


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Dominik himself wrote a very huge app (with a bunch of modules, as he showed as last year)
and kudoz for that.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, he could implement already proven classes (from laravel or symfony - e.g. request, cookies, etc.) instead of developing his own solution for the same use-case, thus lowering maintenance overhead.

Frameworks generally are maintained with great care and have a great community from which one can learn from, so I recommend him to have a look at the components of one.

Dominik Cernelic (Speaker) at 12:47 on 24 Sep 2019

Thanks Matija, I also heard an idea to look at the sockets instead of ajax, we will see if it is appropriate and with you I will go through the proven classes that could be implemented. Thanks again for all the support so far.

Regarding the presentation, there was maybe too much code on the slides.
Regarding the subject, the presenter went too much in details presenting a personal project that will not be of use to anybody else. Maybe it would've been better to explain system in concept instead of going into detailed implementation.

Nice insight in something old/new..