PHP as a language can't rapidly follow the needs of the developers: we should look at other languages that decided to build custom DSLs over existing platforms/languages like TypeScript or Elixir. Both languages were born for different reasons, solving different problems and having unique takeaways on developer communities at large.

After a rather short introduction to them, I will cover benefits and pitfalls of these concepts with some examples from our community on how and what would be solved easily with preprocessing to PHP like generics, immutable structures and so on.

There are already some initiatives building upon this idea but they are not being widely recognized and I would love to introduce you to them and some of my work as well (which I have done as proof of concepts).


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Great talk, really interesting subject about simplifying the PHP as a language. Some use cases are really interesting and look nice, but it all depends on the code style preference.

Have already heard of PHP plus by Nuno Maduro before the talk.
Not knowing what to think of it, I enjoyed the discussion with others about the pros & cons of the approach...

All in all, seems interesting (will have to test it), but adds a new (unnecessary?) layer for the new people joining the team and are new to this kind of workflow.

Ivan Hrenovac at 10:32 on 23 Sep 2019

Excellent talk on the current status of PHP and what could be done with it and/or should be done with it.

Great talk!

Tomo Šala at 18:26 on 17 Oct 2019

Pretty advanced topic that caused a very interesting discussion in the audience. Miro is an experienced speaker and this topic and talk have a lot of potential.

Would appreciate more code examples.