A story of how our infrastructure (and our practices) evolved over time to accommodate an increasing number of users - from on-premise to cloud and back down. What we encountered on the way and how we solved it.


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Goran Galinec at 23:15 on 5 Dec 2019

One of the best talks that I've seen with a lot of valuable information on scaling a growing project.

An awesome talk which was based on real hands on experience.

Toni Perić at 10:25 on 13 Dec 2019

Really great talk!

Loved the El Clasico story. It's funny how sometimes opting for very simple solutions can save the day.

Learned a lot from this talk... some architectural points were eye opening.

Tomo Šala at 16:52 on 23 Jan 2020

awesome talk, giving great insight and examples of how NOT to over-engineer a system, but rather improve it organically over time.

Josip prepared a great talk with great slides, had fun and interesting stories and explanations for different stages of development to their platform. Excellent English skills.