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010PHP: Introduction to the Semantic Web

14 Feb 2019 @ VONQ

Introduction to the Semantic Web ~ Arnout Boks (t What if we could evolve our web of individual documents and data to a web of interlinked knowledge, a web where mach…

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010PHP: To AWS with Ansible

13 Jul 2017 @ DPDK

Remember last year, when we had our awesome rooftop barbecue over at DPDK? Celebrating our 3rd anniversary, with some tasty hamburgers and good weather? Well... let's do that again! This month we w…

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010PHP: Build Your Framework Like Constructicons

11 May 2017 @ Alphacomm Solutions

This month's meetup will be hosted at Alphacomm, a familiar name for those who attended our earlier meetups back in the days. Stefan Koopmanschap will be presenting his talk "Build Your Framework Like…

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010PHP: Gamify your growth as a developer

13 Apr 2017 @ Treehouse

This month's meetup features a special guest, all the way from Germany: Andreas Heigl. His talk will be about the ten things that makes you get better at being awesome, true story! Treehouse will …

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010PHP: Database migrations with zero downtime

9 Mar 2017 @ Zicht Online

We can all agree that having a unreachable database due to some weird error like "no space left on device" is pretty annoying. This is the result of some unforeseen error and caused your application s…

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010PHP: Bruce Lee Driven Development

9 Feb 2017 @ FitForMe

Are you ready to train your brain? Cause we are! This month we have Jeroen van der Gulik on stage, with his epicly named talk "Bruce Lee Driven Development", to teach us the better ways of martial…

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