An Introduction to MapReduce

David Zuelke (15.Nov.2009)
Workshop at International PHP Conference 2009 (English - UK)

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The MapReduce framework promises to make computing of large sets of data very easy. An original approach, it offers excellent scalability across many computing nodes, and can easily be integrated with existing systems. This session will give an introduction to the basic techniques and ideas behind MapReduce, followed by hands-on examples using Apache Hadoop, a major implementation of MapReduce, including Hadoop's streaming functionality that allows users to write mapper and reducer tasks in PHP rather than Java.

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Rating: 5 of 5

15.Nov.2009 at 10:42 by Tobias Schlitt (11 comments)

Well prepared, even with virtual maschines to allow the attendees to work directly on the presented stuff. Nice. :)

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15.Nov.2009 at 10:45 by Arne Blankerts (5 comments)

Even though i missed the first part of it, the tutorial was really good. I knew a few things on map/reduce already but learned some new things as well. Well prepared talk along with sample php code as well as vmware image with preconfigured hadoop.

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17.Nov.2009 at 15:41 by Oliver Mueller (5 comments)

very nice talk. good idea with the vmware. super to be able to have hands on things

Rating: 5 of 5

19.Nov.2009 at 21:49 by Sebastian Schmidt (3 comments)

I was late for lunch because the talk took longer than expected! ;-) But... very nice talk! The examples were understandable and helpful to gain an overview of what's happening. Presentation was very easy to follow.

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