Designing HTTP APIs and RESTful Services

David Zuelke (11.Oct.2010 at 15:45)
Talk at International PHP Conference 2010 (English - UK)

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A lot of Web Services today claim to be RESTful APIs. But are they really? Do the URLs form a logical hierarchy, and do they accurately identify resources? Are the powers of HTTP leveraged properly? What is "hypermedia", and what is the secret behind the HATEOAS acronym that is so essential to the REST architectural style? This talk gives answers and guidelines using real-life examples.

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Rating: 5 of 5

11.Oct.2010 at 17:03 by Ian Barber (91 comments)

Excellent overview of REST principles and features of HTTP, delivered with enthusiasm and energy. I liked the review of the twitter API with 'what they should have done' notes - was easy to map that to personal experience and think of flaws in the things I've worked on, which is really helpful.

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11.Oct.2010 at 17:23 by Daniel Londero (74 comments)

How to destroy in seconds Twitter's API. I think the best example to see what's the way to follow. I'm working on some APIs (from just a couple of weeks) that I want to be RESTful and with all these suggests I can better my work. Look forward for a great workshop.

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11.Oct.2010 at 17:29 by Taco van den Broek (10 comments)

Excellent talk, don't change anything ;)

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11.Oct.2010 at 17:29 by Ben Hicks (13 comments)

Great talk with a lot of background information and examples. Very interesting to know that most people use "REST" the wrong way. He not only showed us what is wrong but also how to do it right. Also David is a great presenter.

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11.Oct.2010 at 17:32 by Gertjan de Vrij (1 comments)

very interesting and excellent talk.

Rating: 4 of 5

12.Oct.2010 at 09:34 by Stefan Koopmanschap (342 comments)

I quite liked this talk (well, except the YAML bashing perhaps ;) ). Lots of good information. I especially liked the very practical examples using the twitter REST API, and how this does not make sense.

Rating: 5 of 5

18.Oct.2010 at 02:46 by Dominik Ritter (6 comments)

Best Talk on Conference. Sometimes a bit fast - No chance to write something down. But brilliant talk anyway. :)

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