PHP Testing Tools

Sebastian Bergmann (10.Oct.2011 at 16:00)
Talk at International PHP Conference / WebTech Con 2011 (English - UK)

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Various testing tools exist to test the different aspects and layers of PHP applications. There is PHPUnit for Unit Testing (and test-driven development), Behat for acceptance testing (and behaviour-driven development), Selenium for system testing, and a plethora of tools for testing non-functional aspects such as performance and security.

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Rating: 2 of 5

11.Oct.2011 at 11:34 by Leo Bernhard (6 comments)

Very boring style of speaking

Rating: 2 of 5

12.Oct.2011 at 00:49 by Michael Schmitt (20 comments)

I fully agree with Leo, thats not the way a speaker can motivate the audience to concentrate to his talk.
The core of the Talk was PHPUnit, which was written by the speaker, but it wasn't a PHPUnit talk! Some testing tools missing i think, the speaker could leave the tools which are no longer stable, like PHPUnit_story.

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