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Laracon EU 2014

Laracon EU 2014

28.Aug.2014 - 30.Aug.2014 at Bimhuis

Laracon Europe is a three-day event in historic Amsterdam where developers will improve their knowledge and awareness of modern engineering…

tagged amsterdam, engineering, laravel, network, php

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New Zealand PHP Conference 2014

New Zealand PHP Conference 2014

27.Aug.2014 - 29.Aug.2014 at Victoria University

We are pleased to announce the New Zealand PHP Conference 2014 on the 28th and 29th of August, plus a…

tagged developers, oceania, php, web, wellington

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PHPSC Conference 2014

PHPSC Conference 2014

29.Aug.2014 - 30.Aug.2014 at Univille

This Conference aims to discuss best practices on PHP technology and related areas such as design, development techniques, database, open…

tagged php

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PHP Dorset September Meetup: Tales from an inside an ISP

In 2006 a book seller popularised a concept from the 50s that has revolutionised the arena we work in. Although…

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Zend Studio 11 Introduction 2-hour Free Session

Boost your productivity in PHP by taking full advantage of Zend Studio 11!
If you've upgraded recently, you are a…

tagged mobile, php, studio, training, zend

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Endpoint 2014

Endpoint 2014


Endpoint is a conference by and for API and backend developers. It caters to PHP, Python, Ruby and other developers…

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PHP Quebec - September 2014

Monthly meetup of the PHP Quebec user group. This event will be held in French.

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