Graphics with Cairo

Michael MacLean (11.Jun.2010 at 13:30)
Talk at Dutch PHP Conference 2010 (English - UK)

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Generating graphics on-the-fly in PHP applications is a common requirement. Cairo, from the Freedesktop project, is a fast 2D vector graphics library with outputs to many different devices. It is already used by many big-name Open Source projects such as GNOME and Mozilla Firefox. The PECL Cairo extension for PHP 5.2 and above provides an easy-to-use interface and to Cairo useful for generating images, SVGs and PDFs. This talk will demonstrate how to use its features in common situations, and compare it with other image libraries such as GD. Major points to be presented:
Overview of the Cairo library
Basics of using PECL/Cairo for drawing images
SVG, PDF and Postscript
Text handling
Integration with existing PHP frameworks and libraries

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Rating: 3 of 5

11.Jun.2010 at 19:45 by Rene Bakx (9 comments)

speaker was good. content made me go hrmmm a few times to much. Why use a scale from 0 to 1 to describe RGB values while most of the world uses 0 to 255. Same goes for method names and constructors. Cairo has potential but the API needs a more critical look

Rating: 3 of 5

12.Jun.2010 at 14:08 by Conor Wyse (30 comments)

Not very interesting as Cairo is rather immature. I was hoping for more information regarding PDF generation.

Rating: 5 of 5

14.Jun.2010 at 10:24 by Arno Lambert (27 comments)

very good talk, a little to fast but it covered all I wanted to know about Cairo for php. Always nice to see someone who really knows the topic from the inside.

Rating: 5 of 5

14.Jun.2010 at 20:04 by Martin de Keijzer (56 comments)

At the last minute I decided I wanted to see something else than just the architecture and QA sessions so I just walked into Michael's talk. It was pretty impressive to see that Cairo was so much faster than already known libraries like GD and ImageMagick. These are the kind of slides that convince me to look further into it. And although the rest of the presentation was mainly an explanation of the classes and methods it sure helps to get started quickly.

Rating: 3 of 5

16.Jun.2010 at 17:39 by Tim Swann (41 comments)

A nice break from the norm, the talk was informative and included some simple code examples. A good starting point for getting to know Cairo.

The flow of the speaker's style itself was a little slow and jerky, but the content was very good.

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