Starting Continuous Integration, Why and How?

Martin de Keijzer (12.Jun.2010 at 10:45)
Talk at Dutch PHP Conference 2010 (English - UK)

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Starting Continuous Integration, Why and How?

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Rating: 5 of 5

12.Jun.2010 at 11:13 by Michelangelo van Dam (277 comments)

Martin is a young and bright speaker presenting this topic with great passion and knowledge. Maintaining a well pased flow of information and slides. Certainly conference material !

Rating: 5 of 5

12.Jun.2010 at 11:16 by Joshua Thijssen (89 comments)

great talk. especially after the three and a half minute prep. good intro in CI with phpundercontrol

Rating: 5 of 5

12.Jun.2010 at 11:18 by Stefan Koopmanschap (342 comments)

I am impressed by the quality of this talk, especially considering Martin only had 30 minutes to prepare it! All the important information surrounding Continuous Integration came by and was presented in a clear way. Martin: work on this talk a bit more and start submitting it to conferences... people will want to see this one.

Conference organizers take note: This is one you will want to consider for your conference!

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12.Jun.2010 at 11:19 by Harrie Verveer (36 comments)

I can't agree more. The talk was good and interesting, Martin is a good speaker - and with only 30 minutes of preparation time it was a simply astonishing achievement. Big thumbs up!

Rating: 3 of 5

12.Jun.2010 at 13:35 by (11 comments)

Interesting almost unprepared talk! Tells me to dive into the latest version of PHPUnderControl!

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