Jordi Boggiano (04.Mar.2011 at 12:00)
Talk at Symfony Live 2011 - Paris (English - UK)

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The no-buzzword key-value store

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Rating: 4 of 5

04.Mar.2011 at 12:24 by Christian Schaefer (35 comments)

sounds like a cool alternative for memcache.

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04.Mar.2011 at 13:31 by Stefan Koopmanschap (342 comments)

I had not looked into Redis yet, so this was a welcome look into what it is. I am quite sure I'm soon going to look into Redis as a replacement for memcache.

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05.Mar.2011 at 01:22 by Pierre Spring (21 comments)

Learned there. I think a demo would maybe have helped in clearing some of the things I didn't understand.

It got me interested enough to look forward to working with Redis in the near future ;)

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05.Mar.2011 at 10:10 by David jeanmonod (26 comments)

Good introduction, I'll make a try soon...

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08.Mar.2011 at 11:53 by Jeremy Mikola (77 comments)

Very concise introduction to Redis with a good overview of its common syntax (considering there is so much more that couldn't be covered in 10 minutes). Slides were well-structured, too.

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