Persistence Smoothie: Blending SQL and NoSQL

Michael Bleigh (11.Mar.2010 at 09:45)
Talk at Web Techno Conference (English - US)

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With such a vibrant and emerging Blending SQL and NoSQL in Ruby Applicationseconomy of new persistence options for web applications, it can be diffcult to know when and how to use them in your applications. Worse yet, you don't want to lose mountains of existing infrastructure and support for RDBMS systems in Ruby. What's a developer to do? Blend it! Learn new techniques for using multiple persistence engines in a single application.

Participants will learn about a number of available NoSQL persistence engines (including document-oriented databases such as CouchDB and MongoDB, key-value stores like Tokyo Cabinet and Redis, and more) and when they might be appropriate for a Ruby application. In addition, attendees will learn good practice techniques for blending these systems together with traditional SQL for a "best of all worlds" implementation with real-world examples.

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Rating: 5 of 5

11.Mar.2010 at 16:17 by Sheeri K. Cabral (9 comments)

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