The most unknown parts of PHPUnit

Bastian Feder (19.Sep.2010 at 10:00)
Talk at OSI Days 2010 (Open Source India 2010) (English - UK)

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A lot of people using PHPunit for testing their source code. While I was supervising my team I recognized most of them are only using the standard assertions like 'assertEquals()' or 'assertTrue()' and are complaining about how hard it is to test the code, even when the tests are written first. This talk is about all the stuff not used on a daily basis. It shows you some nice features of PHPUnit and how to use them for your benefit.

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Rating: 5 of 5

22.Sep.2010 at 12:24 by Hari K T (45 comments)

I think many of the developers who thinks unit testing is done by testers or who feel there is not need for unit testing may have thought or have got a chance to look phpunit , simpletest or something like that.
I also feel he may have even wondered seeing no hands when he asked about many of you do unit testing.( He also expressed it. The only one hand was by the leader of symfony framework Fabien )
I enjoyed his talk and it helped me to know more other than the assertEquals and assertTrue.

Thanks for your great time in India and helping me with my doubts.

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23.Sep.2010 at 14:02 by sridhar pandurangiah (7 comments)

I enjoyed this talk on PHP Unit especially the depth to which Bastian covered Assertion and Annotations. Looking forward to harness my test suites with this newly gained insight into PHPUnit.

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