MySQL High Availability Tutorial

Sonali Minocha (19.Sep.2010 at 10:50)
Workshop at OSI Days 2010 (Open Source India 2010) (English - UK)

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This half day tutorial is a hands-on training to setup MySQL high availability solutions and effectively administer it. You will learn how to setup different high availability solutions and the best solution for your requirements. We will start the day by a brief introduction of various setups like Replication, MMM, and Clusters - what they can do and what the cant do for you. After this we will jump from theory to practical by taking the following agenda: • Setting up MySQL Clusters & Replication • Starting nodes • Node failures and Recovery • Adding Nodes • Helpful tools around MySQL Cluster • Backup, Recovery, Monitoring of Cluster • How to perform Data Scans • Fine Tuning the cluster Please bring your Linux Laptops to get full value of the session.

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Rating: 5 of 5

23.Sep.2010 at 14:11 by sridhar pandurangiah (7 comments)

An in-depth talk by Sonali assisted by a very competent Rakesh Kumar for the demos this talk on replication and clustering is a must for all architects planning business critical application deployments with large data volumes.

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