MySQL Performance Tuning:

Sonali Minocha (19.Sep.2010 at 10:50)
Talk at OSI Days 2010 (Open Source India 2010) (English - UK)

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MySQL Performance Tuning: Top 10 Tips intended for PHP, Ruby and Java developers on performance tuning and optimization of MySQL. We will cover the deadly mistakes to be avoided. We will take real life examples of optimizing application many times. Here is the summary of what we intend to cover: • Selection of Storage Engine • Schema Optimization • Server Tuning • Hardware Selection and Tuning • Effective uses of Index, when to use and when not to use. • Partitions • Speeding up using Stored Procedures • Implementing prepared statements? • Deadly Sins to be avoided • Performance Tuning and Benchmarking Tools

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Rating: 5 of 5

21.Sep.2010 at 20:02 by Sampath Kumar (3 comments)

It was nice and informative presentation by Sonali at OSIdays today. Eagerly waiting for the slides to be uploaded.

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23.Sep.2010 at 11:18 by pradheep ayyanar (3 comments)

it was clear and useful and i wud appreciate if i cud have the presentation.

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24.Sep.2010 at 22:02 by Hari K T (43 comments)

Thanks for the great tips.

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