Batteries Included! Python on Low Cost Tiny Embedded Wireless Devic es (#28)

Mr. David Ewing (28.Mar.2009)
Talk at PyCon 2009 (English - US)

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Think Python is too resource-intensive for low-power 8-bit e mbedded systems? Think again! Developed for low-cost wireless (802.15.4) mo dules, the SNAPpy virtual machine enables users to modify embedded device behavior dynamically over the air, leveraging the power of Python. In this session a key architect of the technology will discuss software, the virt ual machine approach, and real-world success stories. This presentation fe atures live demonstrations of the SNAPpy virtual machine running on readily available battery-operated wireless sensor nodes (RF Engines) from Synapse . You'll also see first-hand the power of Portal - a wireless application development GUI developed using wxPython.

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