Write PHP, deploy everywhere

Michelangelo van Dam (09.Mar.2011 at 10:45)
Talk at ConFoo 2011 (English - US)

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As a PHP developer building web applications is besides making a living a lot of fun too, especially when you can deploy your apps to any kind of environment and on any platform. In this session I take a non-standard PHP application (based on Zend Framework) and deploy it to a bare metal environment running LAMP, Windows 2008 Server with IIS7 and to cloud instances like Azure and Amazon.
The goal is to provide information on how to deploy to these various environments manual and automatic, but also to show it doesn't really matter anymore what the targeted platform is, as long the apps are written in PHP.

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Rating: 4 of 5

09.Mar.2011 at 11:37 by (2 comments)

Good talk for what it targets and definitely covers some absolutely need to do points. A bit on the simple side however that being said, if you are not doing most of this already you have a serious problem so ... do it :) Rating it only 3 starts because of the simplicity however the speaker is very knowledgeable and would have loved to have a longer conversation on some peculiarities of code and deployment management.
the Q&A was really great... 4 starts :)

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