Twisted, AMQP and Thrift calable distributed applications (#40)

Esteve Fernandez (27.Mar.2009)
Talk at PyCon 2009 (English - US)

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In building our new online database at Fluidinfo, we needed scalable and reliable messaging/RPC for a system of heterogeneous services. We chose two proven open-source components, AMQP and Thrift, and adapted these to work with Twisted asynchronous networking.The result - also o pen source - is a simple, general, and flexible system for connecting the components of a complex distributed application. With a message broker at its core, it provides for scaling, replication, load balancing, and dis tributed transactions. It also transparently handles returning exceptions a nd Twisted Deferreds from remote services.I'll describe architecture, example code, benchmarks, advantages, and alternate approaches.

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